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By www.ShaneLynch.co.uk, Jan 13 2018 02:53PM

Shane Lynch / Celebrity Big Brother 2018
Shane Lynch / Celebrity Big Brother 2018

on Friday 5th January, Shane entered the Celebrity Big Brother house. It's been a week already and he's doing great!

Day 1 consisted of the men entering the house a few days later than the ladies, and it wasn't long before Big Brother advised the men that the woman would hold the power for the next few days. First night in the house and the men were given jobs to do around the house, picked by the ladies of the house.

Chefs: John Barnes & Shane Lynch

Butlers: Wayne Sleep & Ginuwine

House Cleaners: Andrew Brady & Courtney Act

Toilet Cleaners: Dan 'Dapper Laughs' & Jonny Mitchell

Day 2 the men met the 'Stereo-type writer' which challenged the men to do tasks that typically are known as a woman's task for one of them to win immunity from the first eviction. Shane, Courtney/Shane J, Wayne & Ginuwine took on 'Multi-tasking' which consisted of wearing high heels, riding a bike while also putting make up on and making 3 sandwiches.

Shane J/Courtney took the win going into the next round, against John Barnes. Shane J/Coutney then went on to take the win.

Day 3 the men had another task on their hands. Big Brother read out a sentance that would be true to one of the men, but the other three had to lie to make the woman believe it was about them.

and we all know who this sentance was true to........

Day 3 also aired a conversation Shane had with Ginuwine regarding Boyzone & the death of Stephen Gately.

Day 4 showed the men being educated by Coutney Act regarding the difference between Shane J/Coutney as a drag artist and India as a Transgender woman. This helped the boys understand India's situation more.

Later that night, Big Brother set up a Jazz club for the men to show off their talents - Shane of course would go on to sing Boyzone hit 'No Matter What' - Malika & Ashley enjoyed it so much, they cried.

Day 5, after the chat with Courtney the day before regarding India's situation - Shane decided to explain to India why he felt he couldnt speak to her and why he found Shane J/Courtney more educating on the subject. India seemed to have taken the advise Shane had to give and agreed she could have helped everyone understand her situation more than she had done.

Later on, Emma Willis entered the house with a nomination bomb - the girls had to carry out Face to Face nominations LIVE. The results were: Ann 3, Andrew 2, India 6, Jonny 4 & Ginuwine 1. Shane managed to survive the first set of nominations by not being nominated by anyone! India & Jonny would now face the public vote for Friday's eviction.

Day 6 the house was woken by music and 1950's outfits to be worn for a 2 day taks Men vs Woman to regain the power of the house.

The men would be sent off to work in the factory while the woman where to stay at home and clean the house and make all the meals to feed the men.......... or at least that's what the men thought! Little did they know there was a secret factory where the woman would be working the same as the men in direct competition. The woman had to keep this a secret, so Big Brother would clean the house & provided meals in order to help keep the secret from the men. The first task in the factory was to make cakes, exactly how they were ordered. The woman took the win on this one, giving them a lead in the task.

After a well earned break (and giving the woman time to run back to the house and change) the men returned to the house to have lunch.

Then it was back to work, this time it was a recycling centre - each person had their own recycling material to look out for and put into the bins provided. The men took the win on this task, making it even with the woman to win the power after day 1.

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